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Mantra Prayers 

Mike Desroches 


Mathew 6:7-8 

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they 

think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Be not ye 

therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have 

need of, before ye ask him. 


“Vain repetitions” is otherwise known as “mantra prayers”. And 

Jesus cautioned us in scripture to avoid praying in this fashion. In other 

words, when we come to God in prayer—–there will always be two 

paths. One is led by the Spirit and one is led by the flesh. 


For example; Buddhist believe that praying, “Om Mani Padme Hum” 

draws them closer to God. And the more repetitions they pray the more 

that the blessing of God’s increase. They also spin a “mantra wheel” 

with prayer requests attached to it. The effect of the prayers is said to 

increase the faster the wheel is spun. 


In much the same way, I was taught that the more times I prayed the 

Rosary the more the blessings increased. So almost every night before I 

went to sleep, I pray the rosary over and over again. If I missed a bead, 

I would start all over again. And when I went to confession, the severity 

of my sin was measured my how many times I prayed a particular 

prayer, over and over again. 


Jesus said, “Do NOT pray that way”!!!! 


They key to understanding this is that there is no “Magic” in repetition 

or in the form of words. Rather the issue is relational. In other words, 

mantra prayers count on actions—–spirit led prayers count on your 

relationship with God. 


God deals with man on two different stages of divine nearness to Him. 

He always has and always will. The Old gave limited access to God, the 

new gives unlimited access. The Old provides legal cleansing, the New rovides personal cleansing. The Old teaches to obey rules, the New 

teaches us to serve with the heart. 


In every situation---in every decision—in every act—every thought—

every need and every deed---there will always be two paths. One is led 

by the Spirit and one is led by the flesh. One is led by the law—the 

other by relationship. They both appear on the surface to be spiritual, 

but one brings Him Glory, the other does not. 

We can serve God in flesh or in the Spirit. We can pursue religion or 

relationship, works or grace. Yet one draws us closer to Him the other 

does not. 


Satan is not afraid of you!!! 

He is afraid of your prayer life birthed in the Spirit. He is not afraid 

of…”Now I lay me down to sleep”, He is afraid of “Abba Father”, that 

is, prayers birthed in the Spirit. 


It is true that Satan is defeated when we are on our knees. A prayer-less 

saint is a defeated saint. But, being on your knees is not the answer. 

That also is self effort unless the prayers are in partnership with the 

Holy Spirit. A prayer life birthed by the Spirit of God is Satan’s 

greatest enemy. 


The natural man UTTERS WORDS but cannot pray. You cannot 

produce heavenly substance in the flesh. THE FLESH PROFITS 



Rom 8:26 declaires, “Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities 

(weakness, want of strength, inability to produce): for we know not 

what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh 

intercession for us (NOT WITH US) with groanings (unutterable deep 

cry of the heart) which cannot be uttered. 


He (Holy Spirit) cries out to God on our behalf. He quickens us to pray. 

We cannot pray without Him. All we do us surrender our vessel. Prayer 

born of the flesh is rejected. Prayer born of the Spirit is accepted. 

Again, mantra prayers count on our actions—–spirit led prayers count 

on our surrender. 

When we surrender our vessel to the Holy Spirit—He begins to pray 

through you according to the WILL of God. Only He knows the mind f God. 


He knows the will of the Father and the Mind of Christ. The Holy 

Spirit searches the deep things of God. We do not know the will of God, 

but the Spirit does. Does what is of the earth know how to commune 

with God? 


Friends---every single time you approach God, whether it be in prayer 

or in worship, you will be offered two choices, two paths. Prayers that 

count on our actions and or repetitions. Or prayers that rely on our 

surrender. One is self-effort and flesh led----one is surrender and is 

Spirit led. 


Divine nearness to God is not granted based on self-effort talent or skill, 

mantra wheels or Rosary beads---it is offered to every believer who is 

willing to yield everyday and in every way and be in partnership with 

the Holy Spirit. 


Remember, Christianity is not about man finding God by their own 

actions—it is about God finding a man who is surrendered to the Holy 



Love you 

Mike Desroches, Pastor 

Spirit Led Church Palm Coast Florida
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