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Expect your Miracle

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When you walk into our sanctuary there is a sign over the door which says, "Expected your miracle".  Our congregation consist  mainly of believers who have received a miracle at our church. These are just a few testimonies we have selected from hundreds of authentic documented miracles that the Holy Spirit has manifested in the life of our members.

Angel And Jackie Rodriquez

My name Is Angel L Rodriguez. I ‘ve been a member of SLWC for 8 Years. In January 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 4 - Lung Cancer.  The Doctor

gave me 4 months to live. While in radiation treatment I met a member of SLWC that invited me to this miracle church.  Today after 8 years  I can

declare and give my testimony that I’m Heal in the Name of Jesus Christ.



My name is Jackie Rodriguez Angel’s wife, I ‘ve been a member of SLWC for 8 years.  In January 2013 I had an operation to remove a tumor the size of a grapefruit from my stomach.  But,  because of my faith in God and the prayers from my church family I to can declare that I to am healed in the name Jesus.  My husband Angel and I are walking miracles of Spirit Life.


Donna Hardy


I  joined Spirit Life Worship Church  May of 2012, and let me tell you, this is were I met the Holy Spirit.  I mean I knew about the holy spirit, but I didn't know the holy spirit as a person.  Well I was introduced to the Holy spirit at Spirit Life Worship Church.  

Once I invited Him in I was convict me of many behaviors that were holding me back.  One of them was smoking.  I have smoked for about 25 to 30 and the Holy spirit started working on my heart to quit.  I knew I needed to quip but I Prayed for God to help me.  I told him I could not do this on my own. I told God that I needed his help.  Well he did.


I just applied for a job at the hospital (someplace I have always wanted to work) and they called me in for an interview.  At the interview they asked me if I smoked, and I told them yes, they told me that the interview was over because they only hire non smokers.  I said right there in front of the lady. " OK God"  I here you, I Quit.  well the lady was impressed with that and told me to come back in 2 weeks and take a breathing test to see if I really quit. 


The greatest  blessing to me was that a friend of mine that smoked for a very long time quit also.  He said that he was so impressed with me and the ordeal I went through, that he quit smoking too.  I give God the glory.  I can give God the glory for my Husband and my daughter quitting too. 


The more I learn to submit my life to the Holy Spirit, the more blessed my life is. Praise God, because he is worthy to be praised.


Barbara Force

Coming to SLWC was by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Now I understand the true meaning of John 3:16.  My God loved me so much that he asked his only son Jesus to take my place on the cross so I wouldn't have to spend eternity paying the price of sin ,but to be able to spend the rest of this present

life and my eternal life with him. God,my heavenly father gave me his most precious gift Jesus.



He came to show me how to love others.

Jesus gave me the power of love by giving me the Holy Spirit who now lives in me so I can be an extension of his and his father's love to others by the power of the Holy Spirit.


God's grace and peace to you through his Holy Spirit.- Barbara Force


Luis Desus


From the first time I walked into SLWC, I felt an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. It was calming and loving.The music was wonderful. The Pastor prayed, I repeated every word. I liked his preaching and knowledge of the Bible. Then people I'd never met came to me, hugged and showed such love. 


I've been blessed with the understanding of a loving God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Pastor Mike makes sure of that. I know they live in me.


The miracles to my health, financial and emotional needs are  too many to mention here. I look forward to coming here Sundays and whenever I can. I feel true Christians who prayed and loved me showing God's commitment to me. Today I know " I am a child of God ". Five years have passed and I'm more involved with Spirit Life Worship Church and enjoying every minute of it. I also heard about a guy who makes you laugh,while supporting this church. God bless. Luis Dessus

Claire Deresta


I started coming to SLWC about 8 years ago. I have seen many miracles at SLWC  and God has even kept me all these years in good health and a wonderful church family.' Open Arms Ministry 'has been an encouragement to me when I felt depressed. Through God He has has lifted me up when I was down.I am not depressed anymore. Praise God.-Claire

Shirley Pentecost


I started coming to SLWC in 2010.

Recently I had a stroke and went to the hospital .

I was paralyzed on my left sideand could not raise my left arm up at all. I couldn't even feed myself.

 The doctors told me I would probably be permanetly paralyzed.


Pastor Mike and Anita prayed with me and many others from the church believing along wth me for total restoration. Praise God, 

I can talk, Lift my arms, and even stand up and walk short distances. God is completing my healing and I give him all the praise. Shirley

Spirit Led Church Palm Coast Florida
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