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Come and expect a miracle

What happened at your church Sunday? Our church has a sign over the door as you enter. ‘Expect a miracle.’ I saw a lady walk into church, that was lame. The pastor said,” Someone's left foot needs healed”. A woman went up front. I saw that her feet were turned inward. The pastor told her to put her hands to heaven.

He started praying for her. Then she said,” I couldn’t raise my hands before and now I can”. The pastor praised Jesus.

Then he looked at her feet, and he prayed for her feet.

He layed his hands on her and I saw her feet slowly come together.

Then the pastor asked her to do something she could not do before,

to walk across the Sanctuary and back.

The more she walked, the straighter her feet became.

Then, she was picking her feet up and down and dancing with the pastor.

She was so elated. Up and down her feet went .

I was standing behind her to catch her in case she was to fall.

She never fell.

I even heard someone say, “She doesn’t need a catcher”.

We should see these signs and miracles.

The Bible tells us we will see signs and wonders in theses last days. There were many other miracles that happened on Sunday.

This should be a regular occurrence at all churches , all the time.

Not just our church, but in all churches. When we go to church, pray that God will perform His miracles in healings, salvation, deliverance, always giving God the praise and the glory for them. My church is Spirit Life Worship Church, in Palm Coast ,Fl. and my Pastor, is Mike Desroches. Come join us and expect YOUR miracle!


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